Double desk pad in “by Cast” leather 

Double desk pad in “by Cast” leather, 50x35 cm....
Model: 36.1660

 Pen pot in "by Cast" leather 

Pen pot in “by Cast” leather....
Model: 36.1664

 Letter cutter in "by Cast" leather 

Letter cutter in “by Cast” leather....
Model: 36.1661

 A/4 notepad holder in "by Cast" leather 

A/4 notepad holder in “by Cast” leather with inside pocket and pen holder....
Model: 36.1636

 A/4 paper tray holder in "by Cast" leather 

A/4 paper tray holder in “by Cast” leather, 22x33 cm....
Model: 36.1652

 Waste basket in "by Cast" leather 

Waste basket in “by Cast” leather, Ø 22 cm....
Model: 36.1643

 16 pages signature book in "by Cast" leather 

16 pages signature book in “by Cast” leather....
Model: 36.1651
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